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badbuzz team.
plz add
badbuzz team

!all tip and trick !nimbuzz ; hack and cracker nimbuzz ; all !flood ; all !bombus ; game ,pc app ,and other..........just site for all site


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      full bot new

      Post by sahel000 on 3/12/2013, 14:24

      [Kick ID]: K/ID

      [Visitor ID]: V/ID

      [Member an ID]: m/ID

      [none an ID]: n/ID

      [Ban ID]: B/ID

      [Ban Seri]: BS/Part1?Part2:From:To

      [Unvisitor ID]: Unv/ID

      [Unban ID]: Unb/ID

      [Join in Room]: J/RoomN
      [reconnect ID]: rec/-

      [Invite Addlist in Room]: inv/NumberIDs

      [Wlc Bot ON]: wlc/ON

      [Wlc Bot OFF]: wlc/OFF

      [Show Wlc Messages]: Show/Wlc

      [Add Wlc Msg]: AddWlc/Msg

      [Delete Wlc Msg]: DelWlc/Msg

      [Joke Bot ON]: Joke/Speed(seconds)

      [Joke Bot OFF]: Joke/OFF

      [Add New Joke]: AddJ/NewJoke

      [Delete Joke]: DelJ/Joke

      [Roll Bot ON]: Roll/ON

      [Roll Bot OFF]: Roll/OFF

      [Love Bot ON]: Love/ON

      [Love Bot OFF]: Love/OFF

      [Hidden Message ON]: HM/Speed(seconds)

      [Hidden Message OFF]: HM/OFF

      [Auto Member ON]: AM/ON

      [Auto Member OFF]: AM/OFF

      [Auto Ban ON]: AB/ON

      [Auto Ban OFF]: AB/OFF

      [Message Filter Finder ON]: MF/ON

      [Message Filter Finder OFF]: MF/OFF

      [Auto Answer Bot ON]: aa/ON

      [Auto Answer Bot OFF]: aa/OFF

      [Add Q, A to auto Answer bot]: AddQA/Q:A

      [Delete Q, A]: DelQA/Q

      [Change Room Subject]: Sub/NewSubject

      [Change Robot Status]: St/NewStatus

      [Msg Filter ON]: Msg/ON

      [Msg Filter OFF]: Msg/OFF

      [Show Msg Filters]: Show/Msg

      [Add Msg Filter]: AddMsg/Msg

      [Delete Msg Filter]: DelMsg/Msg

      [Resource Filter ON]: Res/ON

      [Resource Filter OFF]: Res/OFF

      [Show Resource Filters]: Show/res

      [Add Resource Filter]: Addres/res

      [Delete Resource Filter]: Delres/res

      [Username Filter ON]: Us/ON

      [Username Filter OFF]: Us/OFF

      [Show Username Filters]: Show/Us

      [Add Username Filter]: AddUs/Us

      [Delete Username Filter]: DelUs/Us

      [Same Msg ON]: SM/ON

      [Same Msg OFF]: SM/OFF

      [Show Same Message Filters]: Show/SM

      [Add Same Message Filter]: AddSM/SM

      [Delete Same Message Filter]: DelSM/SM

      [Set Message Length Filter]: ML/MaxLength

      [Message Length Filter OFF]: ML/OFF

      [Set Message Enter Char Length Filter]: MEL/MaxEnter

      [Message Enter Filter OFF]: MEL/OFF

      [Set Resource Length Filter]: RL/MaxLength

      [Resource Length Filter OFF]: RL/OFF

      [Set ID Length Filter]: IL/MaxLength

      [ID Length Filter OFF]: IL/OFF

      [Numeric Resource Filter ON]: NumRes/ON

      [Numeric Resource Filter OFF]: NumRes/OFF

      [Numeric ID Filter ON]: NumID/ON

      [Numeric ID Filter OFF]: NumID/OFF

      [Change Room Ps]: Ps/NewPs

      [Delete Room Ps]: Ps/OFF

      [Make Admin an ID]: A/ID

      [make provisional admin]: mod/ID

      [Show Commanders]: Show/C

      [Add Commander ID]: AddC/ID

      [Remove Commander]: DelC/ID

      [Control Panel = Kick mode]: cp/k

      [Control Panel = visitor mode]: cp/v

      [Control Panel = ban mode]: cp/b

      [Control Panel = none]: cp/n

      [Control Panel Includ Member And Moderators]: cp/im

      [Control Panel Includ OFF]: cp/imoff

      [Save Data]: Save/-

      [See Codes]: Codes/1 Codes/2 Codes/3 ...

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