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      Ttf fonts on s60v2


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      Ttf fonts on s60v2

      Post by admin on 3/25/2012, 09:20 (16kb)

      There are some methods to make work a TTF font with your N70 (you can search them with google), in this tutorial I will write the method i use, and that works with a lot of people, but i can’t assure you that this method will works even for you.
      Here it is: First of all make a backup of your data. If something goes wrong you will must format you phone…

      You need a file manager installed on your phone like FExplorer (or X-plore), and the file FontRouter.dll, you can download it from Attachment

      Moreover you need a TTF font and its own FontRouter.ini file. Every time i will post a font, i will include in the pack the FontRouter.ini file of that specific font. If you exchange the ini file between two fonts, the font will not work (and probably the phone will not start)

      Here is a TTF Font with its own ini file Download from Attachment

      Let’s Start:

      Transfer the 3 files (TTF font, FontRouter.ini and FontRouter.dll) somewhere on your phone
      If you have installed on the phone any GDR fonts, you must remove them.
      Now from the phone: with your file manager create a folder called “Data” in C:\
      Create a subfolder called “Fonts” in C:\Data
      Put the TTF font and the file FontRouter.ini in C:\Data\Fonts
      Put the file FontRouter.dll in C:\system\fonts (if the folder doesn’t exist, create it).
      Reboot you phone and you will see your new font : )

      How to delete the font:
      Rename the folder C:\Data\Fonts in C:\Data\Font and delete (or rename) the file FontRouter.ini and the TTF font.
      If you want remove FontRouter.dll rename the folder C:\System\Fonts in C:\System\Font and delete the file.(don't rename it to fonts, then it cant be deleted!)

      Reboot the phone to see changes.

      Now if you want you can use another TTF font with its ini file, putting them again in C:\Data\Fonts.
      The file FontRouter.dll is the same for all the fonts so you don’t need to copy and paste it every time you change the font.
      That’s all

      I say you again: this method works for me and other people on Nokia N70 (i don’t know if it works with N72 and N90) but I don’t assure you that will work even for you.

      This method DOES NOT WORK with 66xx and other 2nd and 3rd edition phones.

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